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DesiPapa video – Amateur Indian couple

Another fresh week and time for another classy update with some more cute Indian couples. Today we are kicking it back with another couple that gets to fuck on camera and you get to enjoy their nice and passionate love making scene as they spend their afternoon enjoying their nice and hard fuck session. They had nothing to do and since they had the free time on their hands they decided why not spend it like this and get some pleasure out of it too. As you know we had many couples be naughty as well in the past scenes so you can go check them out as well if you want to see some more lovely ladies getting to fuck their men!

Anyway, coming back to our duo for this afternoon, you can see some more hard style fucking as you get to see the eager couple getting to be dirty minded as well. Watch them start off with some nice and passionate kissing as the babe takes little time to undress him completely and it seems that he did the same thing. And after some sensual kissing as well you get to see the babe go down on the guy too. Take your time to see her sucking on his hard cock and then watch her letting him give her pussy a nice and hard style dicking as well for the rest of the scene. Enjoy it and do check out the past updates as well to see some more naughty babes!

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Desi Papa – Hot Indian sex

Hey there once more guys and gals and welcome back to a new and hot desipapa update. Today as always we bring you some more spicy babes that just love to show off their passion for cock and we can promise that you will adore this hottie as well. This brunette beauty is one babe that moved to the states and the only thing she’s been doing ever since she got here was to fuck non stop. She likes the choice of cock that she has at her disposal with all the cute guys and today she’s going to show off her latest catch as it were too!

stunning-babe-sucking-and-fucking stunning-babe-sucking-and-fucking-2

This gorgeous beauty with a big natural bust went out clubbing. And sure enough like we said, she saw something that she liked and she was more than happy to get to have some fun with this guy too. You get to see her take off his pants and whipping out his cock and as soon as she does that, she gets to do some nice and hard work on his nice and hard cock with her juicy lips and expert tongue. And after that you get to see her getting her pink pussy pleased as well as she lets the guy please her orally as well for a good while too! Also you might enter the site if you wanna see other beauties getting nailed! Have fun!

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Gorgeous Indian amateur babe

Well here we are once more with some new desipapa updates as usual. And we just have to say that today, you will be in for a treat everyone. As you can see, in this update we have quite the simply superb and sexy Indian hottie that gets to show off for you and her scene is just too amazing to pass up. She’s a petite cutie with a kink for exposing her amazing body and she’s going to be doing just that for you today as well. You can also check out some more babes teasing you with their naked and sexy bodies as well in the past scenes so check them out as well if you want to. Anyway, let’s get back to this particular cutie this afternoon and her superb show shall we?

The whole shoot takes place in her room as the little lady wanted to get wild and naughty in the comfort of her own bed. And the first thing that you get to see her do, is to take off her sexy and small outfit that was composed of a cute and lovely pink dress. The trick is that this petite little woman with her charm, wasn’t packing any lingerie underneath, so as soon as she took that off she was completely nude. You can say that the cutie is always ready to get down and dirty too. Well have fun as you get to watch the little babe doing her thing and teasing you with that simply amazing body of hers today and do come back soon for more! Also you can watch some team skeet vids and see other beauties getting nailed!

indian amateur posing naked 2

indian amateur posing naked

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Indian model having a shower

We promised that you’d get to see another superb model in a desipapa update and here we are with the babe once more. Last time you got to see her going wild and naughty in the kitchen and you just loved her. So she’s making a nice comeback today with another luscious scene and this time it’s even hotter. Why? well today you get to watch the busty beauty in the shower as she gets all wet and naughty for you and we know you will adore her. So let’s get around to see her playing solo once more and being her usual kinky self.

indian-babe-naked-in-the-shower indian-babe-naked-in-the-shower-2

The stunning and hot Indian model knows that you just loved her show in the last update that she was part of and she was more than happy to do an encore for you today and show off some more of that sizzling hot and sexy body as well. So watch her taking off all of her clothes and see her getting in the shower. Of course you get to see each and every inch of that sizzling hot naked body of hers get wet and she sure knows how to show off as always. Watch her play with herself as she squeezes those natural round tits of hers and enjoy! Like the chicks from nuru porn videos, this stunning chick loves getting naked and massaging her tits in front of the video camera, so let’s watch her doing her best!

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Indian hottie craving for cock

There are some more new and fresh desi papa videos for you to see and enjoy today as always. And just as always, we have another lovely amateur Indian cutie that gets to get down and dirty with some hard cock as well for the afternoon. This babe has a style of craving her man’s cock as soon as she wakes up in the morning and the guy never minds having her juicy lips taking care of his hard dick as much as she wants to either. So let’s watch her routine in this scene as it’s quite the show to see with her today.

The scene starts off like you’d expect, with the couple just waking up. Well, just like we said, you get to see the babe cling tightly to the guy as she doesn’t want him to go away just yet. She wants his meat pole first and she’s going to get it either way. Watch the guy whipping out his nice and hard cock and see the lovely Indian chick as she gets around to suck and slurp on that cock with her eager luscious lips this afternoon. We know you will enjoy it and as per usual we will have some new and hot content for you next week as well! Until then, check out the Joey Silvera blog and see other sexy babes sucking cocks!


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Indian couple having hot sex

Another fresh week and time to see another desipapa update with one more couple getting to enjoy some nice and kinky sex this afternoon again. You know that you have seen some very kinky couples in the past as well, namely this one with the babe showing off her cock sucking skills in a nice and hot POV blowjob scene and we know that you have just adored it. Well we decided to bring you one more this afternoon and let you enjoy the sizzling hot lady as she gets to have some naughty fun with her man’s cock as well. Anyway, let’s get the cameras rolling this afternoon and see them in action without any further due everyone. IT’s one scene that you simply must see.


When the cameras start to roll, our two people come into the scene. They went out to dinner and it seems that they came back home a bit more horny than they should. They went straight for the bedroom and of course they locked the front door so that no one got to disturb them while they were getting naughty. Watch the babe drop to her knees and take off the dude’s pants and see her starting to suck and slurp on that hard cock with a passion without delay. She does quite a good job to deep throat his cock as she has him moaning in pleasure in no time in this one. We hope that you liked it and rest assured that more scenes will be here for you to see next week as well! Also you might enter the evil angle blog and see other beautiful ladies sucking cocks!

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Desi Papa – Teasing in bed

This new week brings you some more fresh and hot desipapa scenes to see and this one we’re sure that it’s one you will not forget too soon. You get to watch another naughty and kinky Indian cutie in a solo scene as she gets to do some kinky and hot teasing as much as she wants this afternoon. Let’s get to sit back and enjoy a truly hot and sexy exotic beauty as she gets to show off her superb body for you guys this nice and hot afternoon shall we? We know that you guys are eager to see her play with herself as well today!

Like we said, this woman is simply gorgeous and she does have a very kinky side. She makes quick work of the lingerie that she was wearing right from the start and you can watch her starting to do her show properly as she wants to make sure that you get to have a good look at her nude body from every angle possible. And what’s not to like about those sexy curves of hers, with those nice and perky natural tits and her slim waist too? She’s perfect, just like the models from the blog! Enjoy yourselves with this eye candy today and as always do drop by next week for more!

hot-naked-indian-babe hot-naked-indian-babe-2

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Hot Indian babe hungry for cock

This fine day’s new and hot desi papa videos and pics update has another amateur Indian hottie getting to show off how cock hungry she can get when her man doesn’t give her all the pussy pleasing that she wants. She’s quite hot and horny all the time and she always has to go out of her way to have him fuck her. The thing is, that this lovely lady is always one to get her way and she usually fucks him hard enough to make him walk funny afterwards. So let’s get to see her scene for today and her in sexual action shall we?


When the scene starts off, the babe can be seen wearing just her small tank top that wasn’t doing that good of a job to cover her sexy and perky breasts and she wanted it like that. She wanted the guy nice and hard and ready for her. Watch her taking his cock for a nice and long oral session as well and enjoy as you get to see her working his meat shaft like a lollipop this afternoon. And she nearly made him blow a load like that as well. Anyway, have fun watching her have some hard style sex with the guy and see you guys next week! Also you can visit the site and see some busty babes getting their pink pussies filled with warm and sticky cum!

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DesiPapa – Gorgeous Indian babe

Hey there once more everyone and welcome back to some all new and fresh scenes today as well. For this scene we wanted to bring you something a bit more special and refined. And as you can see, that consists of a simply stunningly beautiful and sexy Indian babe this afternoon. She’s simply gorgeous and apart from her luscious body curves, this lovely woman sure knows how to work the cameras as well in a nice and hot solo scene too. Oh and do check out some of our past scenes to see another Indian cutie fucking nice and hard with a dude as well. Anyway, let’s get this lady’s show on the road as well!

The babe took her time to pose in the kitchen and as you will see, the only thing that she was wearing when she made her entry to the scene were her cute and small sexy blue panties. Did we mention they were also see through? Anyway, take your time to watch as this lovely woman gets to show off just how sexy she is as she gets around to put on a simply superb show for your viewing pleasure today too. You get to see her natural round boobs exposed of course and you also get to see her touch herself down south and moan as she was getting hornier and hornier as well. Enjoy it and let’s hope that we get to see her some more in some future updates as well. Also you might enter the ghettogaggers blog and see other sexy ladies getting wet and wild!

desi-papa-indian-model desi-papa-indian-model-2

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POV Indian blowjob update

Hey there guys! welcome back to a new and hot desipapa scene today with another sexy and hot Indian babe as she gets to show off her sexual prowess for the cameras and you guys. This scene is entirely POV as we wanted to make sure that you get a nice point of view of this babe making good use of those juicy lips of hers along with her perky natural tits as well. So let’s get to see her at play as this scene is simply a must see if you like to watch cute and lovely Indian ladies in some nice and kinky action.


This stunningly hot and sexy amateur Indian babe knows her stuff like we said and just like the last babe we had here, she was quite quick to get to work. She was super horny and ready to fuck, but first she wanted to have some kinky fun with the dude’s nice and hard cock. See her giving this guy a nice titty fuck and watch her sucking him off at the same time as well. After that of course, what you get to see is some all out fuck sessions with the amateur babe riding that cock like there’s no tomorrow. Looking for similar blowjobs scenes? Check out the website!

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